How to choose a quality door: tips and recommendations

In order for the doors to serve for a long time, when buying them, you need to pay attention not only to accessories, but also to the quality of the materials from which they are made, to the quality of the door decoration. This does not take much time, but the door capable of maintaining its functionality for a long time can be seen immediately.

For this, first of all, you need to carefully inspect the surface of the door. All open pores, interspersed, microscopic garbage, tubercles indicate that a low -quality door. Drive your hand through the door: if you felt rough, then there is a clear violation of the technology. If you run the door with a slight pressure with a fingernail, then the poor -quality door will be given a peeling varnish and trace.

The door should also be even from the sides of the end. If you notice a deflection in the form of an eight, then refuse the door. This occurs if the wood drying technology is disturbed and the defect increases over time. The side ends should be smooth and similar canvas.

Shock the door if there are glass inserts on it. Poorly fixed glass will rattle. There are spots on the matte side of the glass. They cannot be eliminated.

The outer layer of doors is chipboard, fiberboard, MDF. Ask what material the door is made of. Chipboard emits harmful substances, so if possible give preference to MDF. Doors from combined materials also have good operational characteristics: for example: MDF, wood veneer and coating with all kinds of impregnations.

Better quality coating is recognized not varnish, but wax, which allows you to practically not distinguish the phylene doors from an expensive array. MDF doors are less subject to deformation than a tree.

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