How to choose a washbasin?

Who would have thought that the population would be puzzled when buying a new washbasin. It would seem that it could be easier? However, there are nuances when using and limited premises. Of course, a huge assortment gives the ground for thinking how to make a bathroom not only with a room for performing hygienic procedures. What could be more pleasant than entering the beautiful room in the early morning for daily procedures.

There are several main types that we will consider in more detail.

one. Tulip. For a long time and successfully used in bathrooms, since Soviet times. Is a bowl on the leg, inside which the pipes are hidden. This is a very economical and affordable option that is ideal for small bathrooms. By the way, you can save well on pipe disguise, because everything is hidden here in the cavity.

2. Tazik. A modern option that has a noble look, despite the funny name. Usually such a sink is placed on a flat countertop. Washbuilders of this type are produced in two versions, in the form of a ball or cube.

3. Console. The washbasin is fixed with special brackets to the surface of the wall. In order not to interfere with the pipes, they need to be hidden in the wall. Although, the majority acquire cabinets in which hygienic accessories can also be stored.

four. Built -in sink. Something similar to the previous option, but for it you do not need to look for nightstands. Supply such washbasins in the kit and various sizes. Inside can make boxes or shelves for ease of use.

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By the way, when choosing the desired washbasin, do not forget about the mixer, since they have various fastening options.

Another nuance is the material of the sink, at the moment porcelain or sanitary samples are common. The difference in price is very significant, but they do not differ in appearance. Although, porcelain items have always been more resistant and durability. They do not face the appearance of cracks and chips, but they have a large weight and too fragile. By the way, glass washbasins come to the peak, which are easy to use and unpretentious. There are artificial stone samples, but so fragile that even porcelain will seem unpretentious to use. By the way, it is worth paying attention to the composite material affordable and wear -resistant.