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How to choose a water cooler?

The fact that the quality of water in centralized water supply in our time is mainly left to be desired by everyone. Therefore, many prefer to buy bottled products in supermarkets. A special device is intended for its outlet, heating or cooling — cooler. What is it useful to pay attention to when buying it?

Installation method

When choosing a cooler under water, you should take into account the way to install it. In this regard, only two types of structures are distinguished — floor and desktop. In terms of technical characteristics, they practically do not differ, as well as in functionality. Floor models are installed directly on the floor, for desktop, a stand is needed. The latter at the same time can be equipped with mini refrigerators, cabinet, etc.D.

Method of processing

By the method of water processing, all coolers are divided:

— Heating and cooling. Usually, these functions can be simultaneously both separately and at the same time;

— Heating to 95% and to room temperature. Lovers of coffee and tea prefer such models. With 95%, the liquid retains all its natural characteristics and with its use you can prepare very tasty drinks that practically do not contain caffeine;

— Cooling and heating to room temperature. Such equipment on sale can be found quite rarely. It happens only in the summer period.

Cooling type

If we talk about the method of operation, then two types of such equipment are produced — electronic and compressor. The first type is more suitable for small offices and residential apartments. Electronic structures are ease of operation and efficiency in terms of electricity consumption. However, they are not too productive. If you install such equipment in a crowded building, it will not have time to cool the water. In this case, it is better to use the compressor type. It is much more manufactured and suitable for use in rooms with high air temperature and dustiness.

The method of fastening the bottle

Among other things, when buying, you can pay attention to how the bottle is attached to the device. Currently produced structures with the upper and lower type of installation. The former usually cost cheaper, the latter are more convenient to use.

Given all these features and based on how many people will use the device and where exactly it will be installed, you can purchase the most suitable model.

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