How to choose an electric fireplace?

Framps have long been used not only for heating the premises, but also as an element of interior design. In a modern apartment, it is impossible to arrange a wood fireplace, but electrical appliances will be appropriate in any room. The electric fireplace will become not only an additional heat source, but also a sign of prosperity and respectability of the owner of the house.

In a city apartment you can install floor, wall or built -in products. When choosing a fireplace, you need to take into account the style of the room and the amount of furniture in the room. The electrical appliance must fit into the overall design and emphasize it. It is best to choose a fireplace model at the stage of repair work, until the final design of the room. If there are doubts, it is better to consult with a designer who will help to choose the right electrical appliance and installation method.

An electric fireplace in the apartment cannot be installed opposite the window or sources of artificial lighting, this can reduce the effect of the flame of the device. For rooms with a small area, corner models are well suited. This installation option will help not only rationally use the space, but will also create a more realistic type of flame burning. Wall products are located at an altitude of one meter from the floor level so that the flame of the burning fireplace does not be lost in the interior. Floor products can be built -in or prefix. For a built -in model, it is necessary to provide a special niche at the stage of repair of the room. Installation of the prefix, conducting additional construction work does not require.

You need to choose such a product in the same way as furniture, given the overall design of the room. The size and model of the device must correspond to the style of the room and the preferences of the owner. Before purchasing, you need to decide in which room it will be located. A fireplace in any style will be appropriate in the living room. Here you can place both a classic large marble fireplace and restrained modern models in Hi-Tech style. In a large room, the product is placed on the wall, perpendicular to the window. Near the fireplace you can spread the carpet and arrange chairs — then this room will become the most popular place in the house. In the bedroom, an electric fireplace is placed opposite the bed, this gives the interior an atmosphere of comfort and romance.