How to choose finishing materials?

Apartment renovation is an unusually important event and its success depends primarily on how correctly finishing materials will be selected. When buying them, you should take into account the most diverse factors.

Environmental friendliness

The degree of environmental friendliness of interior design in our time is perhaps the most important parameter that is paid to when choosing. Do not purchase goods of dubious firms. The finishing materials of well -known manufacturers usually meet all existing standards regarding human health safety. However, in the modern market there are simply a huge number of fakes. Therefore, to buy everything you need, it is worth visiting a supermarket with a good reputation. In this case, you can also purchase a fairly high -quality product, which is also in the situation under consideration — the condition is far from important.

Safety in application

To repair the apartment, it is worth purchasing only a safe finish in operation. All purchased goods should differ in strength. Another indispensable condition is non -combustibility. It is especially important to pay attention to the degree of security when acquiring electrical equipment. For example, such as warm infrared or electric floors. You should not, for example, lay a smooth, slippery tile on the floor of the bathroom.

Durability and level of wear resistance

The degree of abrasion is paid attention to mainly when buying decoration for walls and gender. For example, choosing linoleum or laminate, it should be taken into account for which room they will be intended. For decoration of rooms with large cross -country ability, one type of material is suitable for rooms that are rarely used — another.

Resistance to microclimate features

In rooms with a special microclimate, the corresponding types of finishes and equipment should be selected. For example, to align the walls in the bathroom, only special moisture -resistant plasters, or green, resistant to moisture, drywall can be used. When designing a suburban cottage not heated in winter, you should not use wooden elements or PVC ceilings. Such materials do not tolerate large temperature changes with a high percentage of moisture content in the air. Thus, taking into account the features and characteristics of different types of finishes, you can perform aesthetic and safe for health design of the room. It is worth spending a little more money and time, but actually purchase high -quality materials for repair.