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How to choose locks for the front door?

The correctly selected lock on the door can be a guarantee of the inviolability of the property of the owners of the apartment. Therefore, when buying it, it is worth considering some important points. All castles produced by modern industry are divided into two types — mechanical and electronic.

How to choose a mechanical door lock

Most often, owners of apartments and private houses equip the entrance doors with leap locks. The secret of such designs is special figure records. When they bring them to a certain position, the castle opens. If in the process of manufacturing this protective mechanism any technologies were not violated and only high-quality materials were used, it becomes hardly the most reliable protection against penetration into the room.

The second rather popular type of door lock is considered a cylinder three -stiff. Open and close it with a flat key. The high reliability of this design is explained primarily by the fact that it is three rows of pins. However, its disadvantage is that the cylinder can be easily cut out with ease. It is better to buy a more reliable product of this type made of hardened steel, to purchase the front door with locks of this type here — .

If it is necessary to ensure high protection of the premises, it is not recommended to purchase rack structures. The principle of operation of such a product, even if you have a high -quality performance, allows you to unlock them easily.

Advantages of electronic locks

Such devices are not opened with a key, but through a special secret code. Sometimes such locks are complemented by a remote control. They are charged through the network. In case of power outage, the battery is provided. If desired, you can choose a design that can work without the need to recharge for several months. Electronic products are unusually reliable devices. Their popularity is not too highly explained by the fact that they are quite expensive.

According to statistics, most thefts are committed by hacking locks. Therefore, having equipped the door with a quality model, you can significantly complicate the thieves of life. Most likely, they will not want to mess with too strong and complex design. After all, in their case, the main thing is speed. It is best to purchase products of famous manufacturers. Only in this case you can be sure that the door will not be hacked.