Ideal solution for rooms with high humidity

Before plastic finishing materials appeared, rooms with great humidity were painted with oil paints or finished with ceramic tiles. At the same time, for the decoration or coloring with these materials, a thorough level of surface is necessary, which requires attracting professional plastering. Therefore, wall decoration becomes an expensive procedure.

At present, it is not necessary to finish the toilet or bathroom in the above methods and instead of plaster you can use moisture -resistant drywall sheets. Wall plastic panels are an even more economical and radical solution. Let’s look at the characteristics of these panels.

Plastic panels are ideal for rooms of high humidity because they are not afraid of the formation of condensate on the surface, contact with water is not terrible. They allow you to perform economical, in comparison with ceramic tiles, surface decoration without leveling walls. Such panels have a slight weight, which allows them to be used both for wall decoration and for facing ceilings.

Increasing the insulating qualities of this material is facilitated by its cellular structure. This material is selfless, which means that you are not afraid of a fire and has excellent soundproofing properties.

The length of the panel, 2.7 meters, was made taking into account the height of the premises in mass construction. A diverse texture and wide color scheme are available to the buyer. The surface can be performed with bright pronounced seams or as a monolithic surface. The panels themselves come with drawings, glossy, embossed, even or matte. To date, plastic panels have been used not only in bathrooms, but also in the decoration of balconies, loggias, kitchen rooms, corridors.

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