Ideas for the interior

Dry oasis

A suitable container for our masterpiece can be a small wooden box of a straight or square shape, painted black. On its front side we apply a thin brush to a plant pattern with acrylic paint (preferably yellowish-white). Thus, the border between the «vessel» and plants will be erased. Then we saturate the sand in the box, we install strictly dry wheat ears and small twigs from the illegal tree strictly vertically vertically vertically vertically, which we cover with a golden color with the help of spray-painting. And if you have dried roses, they can also be “introduced” into our oasis, previously stained with the same paint. It is advisable to put such beauty in the largest room of your home.

A case for an album

For sewing this case, you will need two pieces of velvet material of dark and light shades. A light piece is the front part of the case, and the dark inside. On a piece of material of a light shade, we put the album on the turn and cut out the cover by its size, leaving 1 cm to the decorative edge. Then, from the dark material, we cut out two shelves for the internal «pockets» of the album. We sew them with a lowercase seam, and cut the edges of the cover using special curly scissors. On the front of the album, you can glue thermal appliance or embroider a pattern from beads. When all operations are done, “dress up” the album.

Puff for the legs

For such a convenient authority, you will need a wooden box without a lid and a soft toy (suitable for a seat). If there are no boxes, it can be made by yourself: confuse 4 planks with small cloves to each other to get a box, attach the last plank to the bottom (determine the height and width of the nucleant yourself).

Grate the corners of the box with sandpaper. Then ! Glue along the edges of the bottom of the box (glue for wooden surfaces 4 legs from the same bars. The box is ready, paint it in a color suitable for your interior. And finally, put the soft toys on top of the box, fix it with two belts. Such a pouf will serve you not only a stand for the legs, also as a box for small things.

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