Insulation of buildings using the «warm seam» technology

In panel multi -storey buildings, it is often possible to observe the appearance of cracks, which over time begin to increase if you do not take certain measures in a timely manner.In order not to cause residents of the structure of inconvenience and troubles, repair work, which provide for sealing interpanel sutures, is carried out on the outside. Depending on what height it is required to close the seam, respectively, workers use either auto -items or construction forests.

A technology called «warm seam» is a set of measures to eliminate cracks, gaps and various cracks. The applicability of this technology is suitable for sealing in panel buildings, brick houses and even wooden structures. The difference between this method is the individual choice of material for different varieties of buildings.

The main difference between the “warm seam” is that in addition to sealant and insulation, polyurethane foam is used, the advantages of which in resistance to different options for influence, it is moisture resistant and perfectly combines with other materials.

Polyurethane foam is a universal heat insulator. In the process of solidification, the material appears in insulating and protective characteristics. The foam is quite tightly clogging all available cracks. During the filling of the joints between the panels, the circulation of wind flows is blocked, thereby warming the structure. There will be a constant temperature inside it.

Advantages of the «warm seam» method:

one. The work performed will not require a repetition.

2. In the case of sealing a wooden structure, the probability of deformation of the structure will be excluded.

3. Due to the use of sealant, moisture resistance appears.

four. As a result of the implementation of all stages of work, all available defects that were allowed during construction work will be hidden.

5. The time of repair work is a minimum.

6. When applying all materials, there are no odors. Work is carried out without the use of noisy tools.

It is worth noting that the cost of these work is decent, but it’s worth it. If you apply this technology for wooden structures, then you will no longer recall the cold walls and drafts.