Interior decoration of a wooden house in country style

Wooden houses from a beam and a looped log are perfect for year -round residence. Wood is an environmentally friendly material that perfectly retains heat. Many city residents sell apartments and build wooden houses of turnkey baths, using the services of professional builders. But the construction of walls is only half. To create a cozy atmosphere, the building requires interior decoration. And if you want to preserve the pristine natural beauty of a wooden structure, the country style will be ideal.

Features of style

Country is often called the village style. It involves the use of wooden decoration, bright textiles, retro-furriers and many decorative elements that are ethnic in nature. Country areas with wooden buildings often have a layout that causes associations with the village: here the house of turnkey, shed, pantry and other secondary buildings may be present here. In such an environment, such a decoration of the internal space will look organically.

The undoubted plus of country in this situation is the absence of the need to hide wooden elements. Log walls and protruding ceiling beams become elements of decor. As finishing materials, you can use a lining or natural panels. They are quite covered with varnish or stain to give a rich color and protect from external exposure.

Important little things

The main accent of any interior is small decorative elements and accessories. Country is characterized by the use of a large amount of textiles. It can be curtains on the windows, cloaks for furniture, tablecloths, napkins, pillows and carpets. Mandatory the presence of ethnic motifs. Some accessories can be made independently, for example, embroider napkins or crochet a tablecloth for a table.

Country kitchen will be decorated with clay pots, painted dishes and birch bark tuleski, wooden spoons and fresh flowers. And the living room must be present in the living room. Around him, all the tenants of the house will be able to gather long winter evenings.