Kitchen repair ideas

Kitchen for many people — the main room in the apartment. By building in his imagination her image after the next repair, we pursue one goal — to create harmony between aesthetics and practicality. One way or another, the space dictates its requirements for the design. But do not sigh about square meters — there are as many of them as there is. Armed with information, knowledge and original ideas for the repair of the kitchen, you can work miracles in any area.

one. When repairing an apartment, carefully consider the layout, not forgetting about zoning. A person psychologically needs different places for various classes. You can achieve the isolation of zones with the help of a color, well -thought -out decoration, light.

2. Love changes or you are a conservative? The coloristic design of the kitchen space is a certain game of balance. So, for example, dark walls will be pleasantly in harmony with light textiles and white objects. Antique products, prints from ancient engravings and modern furniture get along well in a small room. Decide on the style of your kitchen!

3. Let each item of the interior be not just convenient, but optimal in terms of its application. Be sure to plan the placement of appliances and furniture, given the size and configuration of the room. If you are going to buy everything from scratch, then think about those advantages that integrated devices give in comparison with separately standing. For many, built -in equipment in furniture is not a whim, but an obvious necessity.

four. Do not forget about the huge role of accessories. In addition to aesthetic value, they usually carry a functional load in the kitchen. Sliding nets and dryers, bottles, magic corners, carousels and elegant pendants will save not only your efforts, but also the internal space.

Of course, not all ideas for the repair of the kitchen are realized. The reasons here can be different: weak financial and technical capabilities, unskilled tips of acquaintances and friends, a change of own sympathy. Therefore, so that the results of the efforts made correspond to the internal needs and feelings tomorrow, you need to carefully consider everything today.