Lighted polymer -sand tiles Stroygrad — landscaping and improvement of the territory

Tiles, unlike rolled, sheet coatings, are piece roofing material, and piece products have always aroused respect, in the minds of older people it is almost manual production. A special attitude extends not only to natural ceramic shards, as well as their closest modern, but more technological sisters, in particular on cement-sand and polymer-sand tiles.

Polymer-sand tile Izol.Kiev.UA/ acts relatively new product for our construction market, this roofing material in appearance, properties are practically identical to ceramics. The main difference between the new tiles is the composition, 30% of the mass is given to polymer, the remaining 70% of weight represent pure sand. The dye is mineral pigments, inorganic additives introduced into the solution even before the formation of skulls. They give the finished tile resistance to ultraviolet, retain the original color up to 30 years of service.

The absence of any porosity is considered a characteristic feature of this tile. The high density pulls low moisture absorption to 0.3%, while the remaining types of tiles, the indicator on average reaches 5%. The material can withstand extreme temperatures well, from frosty 60 degrees to hot 250 degrees. At the same time, he is not noticed in the formation of mold on his surface, he is not afraid of acid rain. Manufacturers are confident in the quality of products, say, the polymer-sand tiles «Tartila» guarantee 50 years of life.

What the polymer-sand tiles really succeeded in is in economic aspects, reducing customer expenses. The coating somewhere is twice as easier for its tiled competitors, and this immediately opens the way to save on the arrangement of the rafter system. The tiles are distinguished among other types due to high shock strength, there is almost no battle when transporting these skulls. But the most important thing is that this type of tile has a democratic price affordable to an ordinary developer, erecting a summer house or a small house.