Living room and its design

The living room is one of the main rooms in the apartment or house. After all, this is a room that people see first, entering your monastery. As a rule, the living room is a very large and passage room. This is a very universal room, it can be used for calm family leisure and for serious meetings with work colleagues. Depending on the purpose, the living room usually adjoins the kitchen, working cabinet or exit to the terrace. But there are no strict requirements for design or design of the living room. You can make it in a restrained style, or you can show creative and create something of your own unique.

But still the first impression is formed around the living room. It is not for nothing that it is called a “living room” — everyone should feel like a welcome guest. And that’s why it is important that the living room creates comfort and comfort.

This can be achieved due to modern repairs, a well -thought -out layout and the correct arrangement of furniture. Since the living room is often a room where business meetings and business conversations are taking place, there should be a good guest table in the center of the room. Usually low, so that it is convenient to sit on the couch. A bar with cold drinks should be filled with different taste preferences. You never know what your business partner wants to drink. And there should be a place for smoking or, as often done, access to the balcony or terrace.

But also often in the living room are friendly conversations and family evenings. And a popular furniture is a fireplace. Some set real ones, others are content with artificial. But be that as it may, a fireplace is always a feeling of comfort, warmth (both in direct and figurative sense) and has a rest. This is just a classic of the genre-on a cold evening to sit with relatives and beloved people near a warm fireplace with a cup of hot tea or some other drink stronger.

It is also customary to put soft chairs and a large sofa in the living rooms, for more pleasant relaxation. Also, using partitions, you can, as it were, divide the room into zones. For example, a recreation area, a smoking zone and a negotiation zone.

But the main thing is not to overdo it, the living room should not be overloaded with furniture. There should be enough free space for convenience. You can decorate it with small figurines, photos, paintings or indoor plants.

And to select the color of walls or wallpaper, it is better to use calm warm colors.

Well, friends, now you know how to create a good impression at the entrance to your housing. Dare, invent and create!