Marble density building materials

Indeed, this stone is endowed with so many advantages that this determined its possibility of applying it in construction. Marble density, can be determined using weights.

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The density fully affects the ability of marble to absorb moisture, since it does not give it the possibility of penetration.

Marble is formed during the recrystallization of dolomites and limestone. It is attributed to mountain carbonate breeds. Due to varying degrees of crystallization, the stone has a different color scheme and strength. Its most durable species have a gray color.

Products made of white material, which the ancient Greeks loved to use in decor and construction are recognized as unique and unique in beauty.

The compatibility of the stone with all other building materials — drywall, plastic, ceramics, stucco, metal and wood is simply capable of impressing any imagination.

Products made of various marble stones

Majestic floors and ladders made of marble slabs, lined with breathtaking stone, marble window sills, luxurious fireplaces and columns, arches and balusters, busts and statues, parts of the railing and cornices, and other decor elements. They are all entirely subject to the harmony and universality of this stone!

Color material has a lower density, it is more muffle, however, with proper care, it is also durable. The diversity of colors (white, black, shades of sand, blue, green and pink) are able to satisfy and surprise the most exquisite «gourmets» of a magnificent interior and decor!

Similar materials:

Marble — perfect material created by mother nature.

Today, natural stone products have gained extreme popularity.

Decorative brick for interior decoration is one of the most popular building materials, with which you can convert many designs in the house.

Today, marble has entered the life of a modern person as an integral element of the interior.