Methods for installing a suspended ceiling

Methods for installing a suspended ceiling

Using suspended ceilings, you can easily finish the ceiling, hide the wiring and engineering equipment, and achieve sound absorption indoors. Suspended ceilings are cladding, which is attached to the ceilings on special suspended fasteners.

In order to perform the installation of the ceiling, you need to get all the necessary tools and frame details. This includes a measured roulette, a marker for drawings, nippers to process a metal profile, hydraulic level, the tool of which is cutting panels, mittens, dustproof glasses, to protect the eyes from shedding when installing a suspended ceiling.

If the room is undesirable to reduce the height of the ceilings, then you need to install a single -level frame, including basic and supporting profiles. Using the brackets and suspensions, fasten the main profiles on the supporting structure, the supporting profiles must be placed at the ninety-sorted angle to the main and combine them with it by crossing the cross.

To perform the cross connection of metal profiles, use a single-level connector-crab. You can use the connector using which you can bind the frame with pendants. This type of connector is universal due to the fact that with its help you can compound them at completely different angles.

Fasten the drywall sheets on a hanging metal or wooden frame from below, using self-cutting screws. You must consider that it is advisable to use a wooden frame in rooms with dry and normal temperature-humidity regime and using only the wood pre-treated antiseptics.

If there is a wooden overlap in the repair room, the best option is to use the crate as a bearing frame consisting of bars with sizes of 40×40 or 50×30 mm. You need to fasten these bars on the supporting beams, but it is important to remember that the degree of humidity of these elements cannot exceed more than 15%. For other options, use suspended ceilings using schemes for constructive performance.

Also, we should not forget that the suspended ceilings should have appropriate fire resistance indicators, which increases with laying 2 layers of fire-resistant gypsum fiber sheet.