Methods of location of tiles

Tiles on the walls can be arranged in three ways: diagonally, seam and seam and changing. In turn, with a seam method, in a seam, tiles can be located both asymmetrically and symmetrically.

With an asymmetric method, the first tile is laid in the lower corner. And from it they continue to lay out a row horizontally. In this case, it will be necessary to cut only those tiles that adjust to one corner. Respectively, there will be less waste.

The angle lined with cut tiles looks worse than laid out with whole. Therefore, choose the angle that will be in sight in advance, and start the cladding from it.

The most painstaking way is diagonally, moreover, it is the longest, so you have to be patient. The first thing you have to do is to cut the weight of the tiles that adjust to both angles of the wall, as well as occupying the lower and upper rows.

If you want, then you can face the diagonal with tiles, the seam in the seam. To adjust it to the size of the wall, the tile also needs to be cut. It should also be noted that the alignment of tiles laid on a cement mortar will require you more skill, thoroughness and take more time than when facing all other ways.

The last, third way, the simplest of all known: yours will only have to cut the tile adjacent to the angles of the wall.

If the wall has a door or window, you need to start from the opening. With the flooring of tiles on the floor, the same methods are used.

To prepare a cement mortar for walls, it is necessary to take 1 part of the cement and 4 parts of the sand. In addition to cement mortar, mastic and special adhesives are used: boostilate, glue-mix, gumilax, etc. P. With these means, you can glue tiles on plastered and concrete surfaces, as well as on wooden painted with oil paints.

Another method of connecting surfaces: tiles are planted on a thick oil paint, slightly diluted with good olifa to the consistency of sour cream. But keep in mind, in this case the surfaces should be even.

It happens that the tile is very thin and shines through. Then it is advisable to choose a paint for her to match her. In the absence of one, on the back of the tiles, you can apply white.

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