More about geotextiles

Extremely important role in modern construction and landscape design are occupied by geotextile technologies. At almost every stage, you can find application for this synthetic fabric.  The production of geotextile material begins with the processing of polymeric materials. Polypropylene and polyester threads are used for fabric. From the processing workshop, this material comes in the form of purified granules. The thread of them is pulled already in textile production. Depending on its length, the fabric can be monolithic or composite. In the first case, the entire canvas is made of whole cores, in the second — from segments of 5-15 cm. The thickness and length of the starting material affects the characteristics of the resulting fabric. The weaving of a synthetic thread allows you to completely eliminate the water permeability, which is why polypropylene and polyester geotextiles are pierced with special needles. Subsequently, the material is wound into rolls and supplied to the consumer. Depending on needs, the fabric is produced in rolls of different widths.

Synthetic geotextiles are a kind of filter capable of passing moisture and air, but obscuring the path for insects, particles of the Earth of different granularity and plants. That is why this technology is used in the construction of foundations, roads, sidewalks, sports fields and lawn coatings. It is noteworthy that the positive qualities of geotextiles were noticed not only by builders, but also by representatives of other professions. So, disposable beds and clothes used in medicine are made from thermaced fibers of polypropylene and polyester.   In addition, this material is used to create hygiene, packaging films and a number of other everyday devices.

Often, synthetic textile technologies are used in symbiosis with add -ons such as checkered gabions — mesh structures made of wicker wire, allowing to quickly strengthen slopes or ravines.  They can be used as a basis for a pond, road, foundation. Quite often, these designs are also attributed to geotextiles, although they are radically different from each other.

One of the most important advantages of any product made of synthetics is its durability. Geotextiles are able to lie in wet land for more than a dozen years and all this time he will maintain his positive qualities. In this case, the material will not distinguish any poisonous substances, which is important for the beauty and purity of the site.