Neoclassica in the interior: a new reading of the old

The basis of neoclassica is nostalgia in another known type of style — classics. All familiar techniques and solutions to the classical style in neoclassic acquire a new, other vision. This effect can be achieved using modern materials and interior elements. Combining classical proportions, the nobleness of decor and simplicity of forms and functionalism, new technologies and rationalism in one bottle.

As finishing materials, classic natural materials are used, supplemented by modern — for example, plastic. This solution allows you to take the interior from the stiffness and conservatism of classicism. Neoclassica will be the perfect solution for the design of modern apartments with their high ceilings, spacious corridors and large rooms. In addition, if neoclassicism is slightly changed, it can also be used in ordinary apartments of a standard building.

When designing premises in a neoclassical style, the elements of decor characteristic of classicism — arch, pilasters, half -columns are used. However, you should carefully monitor sculptures and decor elements: there should not be too many of them, otherwise they will overload the interior.

When designing a premises in a neoclassical style, a special emphasis is always on the decoration. Despite the fact that the rooms are usually saturated with furniture, thanks to pastel shades in the decoration, they look light and airy. The walls are decorated using decorative painting or exclusive wallpapers and the use of classic wall panels. In addition, you can use some elements of moldings. Most of the interior is a variety of sockets, embossed fragments, wallpaper with classic patterns, pilasters and other details. One of the integral elements of neoclassicism are ceiling cornices, borders and decorative gypsum parts.

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