New Arbat, 32 industry news

Based on the results of June, potential buyers showed increased interest in apartments with terraces.

The growth of such interest was recorded in April of this year, and during the same period of views of apartments with terraces, and without them was distributed in equal ratio fifty to fifty.

And already in the first month of summer, one hundred percent of the views in the New Arbat complex was noted precisely for apartments equipped with terraces using the KS 45717 Auto Cranny 1.

The number of proposals of this segment in the residential complex «New Arbat» amounted to ten percent. Apartments with their own outputs on the terraces, in the new complex of about sixteen out of one hundred and fifty -three.

The total area of ​​terraces in it was about nine hundred and thirty -four «squares».

Fascinating landscapes

All species dwellings are located from the ninth to the twelfth floor of the complex. Among them there is a one -of -one two -level penthouse, between the twelfth and thirteenth floors, a total area of ​​four hundred and twenty -nine meters. He has his own terraces with a total area of ​​almost twenty -eight and fifty -seven «squares».

In the residential complex «New Arbat» this was possible only because there is a successful location and architectural and planning solution. With terraces, you can see the opening species of Moscow River, as well as the Stalinist skyscraper, which last tense was a hotel «Ukraine». The White House is also clearly visible.

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