New products of the construction market

Know-how appears in many segments of our Russian market. Such events and the market of building materials are not circumvented. The most interesting thing is that in the “new” “well -forgotten old” is often manifested. We will talk about the bricks of a new generation. PPS-25 construction blocks found their presence among new products quite recently.

It is not difficult to describe it and it will be clear to many. PPS-25-a 4-layer construction unit containing a thermal curtain of polystyrene foam. Its standard size is 40x20x40 centimeters. Weighs about 25 kilogramo. Not easy, but its strength is higher than that of such «high school students». It also differs in its sound — and thermal insulation, environmentally corresponds to the required cleanliness. The block is transferred to all types of weather phenomena. High frost resistance and low water absorption expands the areas of our huge country, where it is undoubtedly applicable. Such blocks are built not only the supporting walls, but also the external.

Its composition is a porous expanded clay concrete (bearing functions), polystyrene foam (insulation functions) and a decorative layer (protective function). Everything is connected by reinforcing rods.

What savings gives the use of this new building material?

one. Ready facade. Of these, you can create a fully finished facade that does not require material -intensive and meticulous decoration.

2. Masonry is possible on polymer mastic, where the layer thickness is about 5 millimeters. The problematic bridges of the cold disappear, and cement consumption decreases.

3. The internal walls of the settings are ready for gypsum cardboard decoration.

four. The time of erecting the building is reduced, because the blocks are laid down to each other, like blocks of Egyptian pyramids.

5. The scope has a wide spread from the warehouse or garage to the cottage.

This is a new generation material!

The use of new developments in the field of construction made it possible to create a new generation metal tile. On the site .ua/ you can learn about this roofing material a lot of interesting information. The use of the latest equipment made it possible to achieve high quality tiles. Following the link .UA you can order a proprietary metal tile at pleasant prices.