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At the beginning of this month of this year, Moscow architecture is planned to receive applications for the issuance of urban planning plans of land in electronic form in pilot mode, the press service of the urban planning policy of the complex of construction of the capital reported this.

According to experts, they can now apply from any place, using the Internet for this purpose directly to the personal account of the Moscow portal of services — this will be able to significantly save time for developers. Even to pass scrap metal, it will only be required to apply for a minute for a minute.

Now the applicant does not need to spend a lot of time to collect a huge number of documents. Everything necessary that is registered in state bodies will be transmitted through the basic information register between departments.

Convenience of services

The procedure for applying for applications will not require a personal visit from the developer, at any stage of considering documents, excluding a personal meeting between the applicant and the official. In addition, the applicant will be able to independently monitor the consideration of his own application on the portal of public services, the message says.

Recall that since February, the construction complex of the city has already provided two public services to its developers.

This is the issuance of a permit for the construction, as well as the conduct of the examination of documentation, the possibility of which can be carried out not only through a special service “one window”, but also with the help of an Internet portal.

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