One room apartments in Cheboksary and Novocheboksarsk

Among all offers in the real estate market, one -room apartments are most popular. Often residents of Cheboksary, who have not decided on the desired square of future housing, buy apartments with one living room due to lower cost and simpler subsequent sale if necessary.

The cost of one -room apartments in Cheboksary

In the Chuvashia market, it is quite difficult to find an average cost per square meter, because there are several important factors that affect the price of housing. These factors can be reduced to the general list:

the condition of the apartment and the need for repair;

the remoteness of the apartment from the city center and from transport interchanges;

the presence in the area of ​​all the necessary institutions (shops, entertainment, restaurants, etc.D.).

Given the rapid growth of the city and the constant construction of new shopping centers, one -room apartments in Cheboksary often value.

Therefore, the range of the cost of one -room housing in the city is so great — from 30 to 60 thousand rubles per square meter.

The surroundings of the city is a good way out

If in the big city the cost of one-room apartments is high due to liquidity, then in the satellites and less large settlements the situation is slightly different.

Sale of apartments in Novocheboksarsk, for example, is much easier than in other large cities of the republic. There are a lot of reasons for this:

city ​​with a smaller population;

less industrial facilities;

low rent for the apartment;

Lack of housing differentiation factors.

Here the cost of one square meter of living space will not exceed 45 thousand rubles, and with a great desire you can find options and cheaper than 30 thousand.

You can save on the search for an apartment with the help of a professional agency. Let the payment of the commission take part of your budget, but the documents for the apartment will be completely clean.

How not to become a victim of scammers?

It is better to buy real estate directly from the seller, who is a private person and the real owner of the apartment. You can check this in different ways. For example, you can conduct a survey among neighbors, contact a lawyer with a request to verify documents and so on.

The same safe way is to use the services of experienced real estate agencies that have been working on the market for several years. Avoid risk of loss of money in a complex real estate market using a real estate portal Apartment21