Pashing the walls of the ceiling surface.

Ceiling — the surface that is pasted with ordinary wallpaper. The main positive quality of this type of repair work is that the ceiling can be repaired on its own, in the shortest period of time, and in addition, with such a ceiling coating, a number of minor defects are hidden, which was allowed to perform special preparatory work of the ceiling surface. The most important rule, which should be observed — all the possibilities of the material should be used most competently.Before starting to glue the wallpaper on the surface of your ceiling, the ceiling is prepared. For this, all old wallpapers are initially cleaned, paint and the old chalk are considered, up to plaster.

Playing the ceiling surface with wallpaper is a complex and very laborious process, in comparison with the performance of wall pasting, because it needs to have some minimum experience in this matter. This type of work is most optimal to perform the three of them, when one person is engaged in the fact that he applies glue to the wallpaper, gives the canvas to two other assistants and those together perform a collapse of the canvas on the surface of the ceiling. If only two people are working on laying the surface, then working is somewhat more difficult, because in this case, a wallpaper can be folded in the form of an accordion, and then alternate areas limited to folds are pressed to the ceiling. You should smoothing the panels with one hand, and with the other hand it should be well held by the part that is still folded in the form of an accordion.

The glue that is used in work should have a thick consistency, because not enough viscous glue simply will not hold wet wallpaper on the ceiling.

Wallpaper is always glued from the window, in the direction of light. In order to nevertheless achieve an even coating of the ceiling, the marking is applied to the ceiling.

If you decide to use liquid wallpaper, before applying it is necessary to clean the ceiling from paint and old chalk, from the wallpaper of the old ones, glue all the cracks and plunge the potholes, because the case of the case of the case awaits you a very large consumption of the material.

Further, the ceiling is covered with oil paint, and only after its drying is the so -called «liquid wallpaper» are applied.

Such wallpaper at the very beginning must be filled with all those places that were not leveled by putty. The final coating is applied to the surface of the ceiling after the first layer has been applied, that is, there is no need to wait for some period of time while the first layer dries.