Paul Paul and Coating

To lay a parquet board, as well as parquet, it is necessary, first of all, to create a subsonov from several or one layer. The best option can be called a laying on a leveled screed of waterproofing, and then moisture -resistant plywood, which is fixed with dowels to the concrete base. Only after that you can apply glue to the plywood to lay a massive board or parquet. The premises are previously heated using electrical convectors.

In residential buildings where the floors are made of metal or wooden beams, floor wooden coatings should only be laid on black floors.

Such a flooring can serve as a dodged board, which is placed on top of the floors on wood lags. Mandatory requirements in this case are strict horizontal base.

Horizontal floor

It is provided by strict the lag, as well as the use of special wedges (you can choose an option with adjustable lags using bolts).

The boards for the primary floor should go to bed smoothly and reliably to the base. In the form of a black floor, in addition, a thick moisture -resistant plywood can also be used.

When the screed and the draft floor are compared, it is worth noting that in the first version it is somewhat easier to obtain complete horizontal, when to use self -leveling mixtures. On the other hand, the creation of such a sex does not require wet operations, significantly saving time, thereby allowing you to immediately start work on laying the final flooring.

In the second option, sound and heat -insulating advantages of the ceiling as a whole also improve.

Similar materials:

The tree has one of the “interesting properties”, namely, over time, it lends itself to drying and parquet, which is made of it, also suffers from Usushka.

When caring for parquet, they use different materials — in particular, parquet varnishes and oils, although there are also special products that impede the wear of the coating, provide

Parquet in the interior is one of the most environmentally friendly and beautiful flooring.

Long -term operation of plank floors combined with improper care of them leads to wear of the boards.