Platform trolley. Why is it needed?

The platform trolley is used for manual transfer of small -sized cargoes. As a rule, they are used in warehouses, retail premises, in industry, construction, and even at home. Naturally, different devices are used for different tasks.

By the way, what are they?

Carts are different ..

The warehouse trolley is divided into several types in accordance with some characteristics. For example:

One -tier. From the name it is obvious that such a cart is equipped with only one platform. It is preferred for such tasks where the movement of either a small amount of cargo or approximately the same.

Their advantages: low competitive price, ease of operation.

Double -tier. Such a warehouse cart is equipped with two shelves at once. It is convenient to immerse different types of cargo on it. As a rule, the device is used in warehouses or production facilities.

Advantages of such products: the ideal ratio of price and quality, high carrying capacity, ease of operation.

Three -tier. From the name everything is clear. More shelves, more lifting, but the price is higher. Such carts are usually used at large enterprises.

But this is far from the only possible classification criterion. The platform trolley can be made of metal, plastic or plywood. Its wheels can be completely different diameters, which affects maneuverability and cross -country ability. It is clear that the product from plywood and metal made are used to solve completely different problems.

So how do you choose the highest quality cart?

Choosing a cart

At first glance, it is not easy to do it. But this is only at first glance.

In fact, it is quite honest to answer another question: for what purposes will the device be used? It is obvious that if the scope of use is a large industrial enterprise, where the constant transportation of bulky and heavy cargo is needed, the best choice is a metal three -tier apparatus, and if the product for home use is selected, the plywood is also suitable here.

Or another example: you need a device for a large bookstore. In this case, in addition to obvious characteristics (carrying capacity and maneuverability), the appearance of the product will play an important role. It happens that very beautiful products are sold, perfectly fitting into the interior of the room.

The correct setting and formulation of the goal is the first and main stage of making the right decision.

You can’t make mistakes!