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Polycarbonate in construction and repair work

Polycarbonate is a complex polymer material that has a strength of 250 times exceeding it in glass. The thermoplast group is a synthetic mineral of linear coal acid and phenol. The transparency of the material allows it to be used in the conduct of construction and repair work multifunctional.

It is used as decorative walls for open cabinets. Combining well with strip diode backlight, can decorate the interior of the room. In this cabinet, place accessories or books. The backlight can be located in any plane of the room covered with polycarbonate. For a children’s playground you can install a slide or labyrinth from the stairs. Polycarbonate fence will protect them, ensuring transparency. Watching the children and their game process, you can always come to their aid. Polycarbonate plate can be installed on the outer side of the window. So you will protect children if the window opens with a full plane. This applies to the door of the French style window, in which it is combined with the window, and the latter is increased to the floor. Flat carbonate can be used for open -type verandas. For its installation, we recommend using lightweight structures. Perhaps aluminum. Polycarbonate succumbs to bending and this allows you to use any design fantasies when creating awnings. It is recommended to provide a protective film of all the ceiling, which can be damaged by ultravioletus. The flat version of the material, which has overpretability and transparency, is used for ceilings, simultaneously serving in the floor.

The creation of cellular polycarbonate has found its application in the construction of greenhouses.

Harden type millet can have any color scheme. This provides the ability to manufacture the interior.

Airy in appearance, lightweight, reliable in strength, having a long service life, can harmoniously combine with many styles of repair work.

When you are interested in welding equipment, namely Fubag welding inverter, see an excellent option for Arc-Welding. Here you can choose a high -quality and at a reasonable price welding inverter, which will be indispensable in work.

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