Preparation for gluing ceiling tiles

As one of the materials for conducting the ceiling finish is polystyrene tiles. It is quite practical and has an interesting appearance. But in order to stick it and eventually get the highest quality effect, you should first prepare the base. What is its essence?

First of all, lighting devices should be dismantled. They should not remain, because in the presence of such elements it will be much more difficult to carry out the finish.

Then the material by which finishing measures were previously carried out is deleted. If a layer of plaster is under the old finish, you need to check how great its strength is. All cracked or exfoliated areas should be removed.

Then the leveling begins. With the help of plaster, the height changes are removed over the entire area of ​​the ceiling. Dried plaster is treated with soil and move on to more thorough alignment with putty. On the dried layer of putty, you need to perform another priming.

Before you start gluing, you need to wait for the primer to dry completely. Otherwise there will be no reliable gluing.

Fixation of polystyrene tile foam is carried out only for such glue, which is recommended for this procedure. For example, PVA is suitable as such. Also, the use of the so -called “liquid nails” will be a good option, although it is somewhat more difficult to treat an unprepared person.

It is not necessary during the attachment of the elements to the ceiling to cover the entire back side with glue. Usually it is enough to apply only a few dots, because the tile has a small weight. More important is how tightly the elements of the finish are pressed to the base. Start applying tiles from the center.

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