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Preparation of the floor

The process of preparing the floor should be treated responsibly, since it depends on this how long and efficiently you will last the floor covering that you choose. Next, you will read how to prepare the floor for further actions so that no problems with it arise after the repair. It is worth noting right away that this is not an easy and long work.

Laminate is the fastest and affordable that can be obtained in stores to convert the floor into a «human» view in the apartment. The laminate is quite beautiful, very easily washed. The collection of floors from the laminate is a laying of small planks, which are fastened to each other. The assembly takes very little time compared to other types of flooring, t.to. Parts of the laminate are fastened with special locks, it is necessary that, in the end, it will not bend, which means that you need an absolutely even floor, otherwise cracks, cracks, etc. will go.D.

Play preparation for linoleum coating. This is the bottom of the most common coatings (although now the laminate is much more often used than linoleum) it is very cheap in price, and it is also easy to put and remove it. The meaning of laying linoleum in order to spread one piece into the room and cut out unnecessary corners, but not everything is so simple. If the floor has bumps, they must be primed and completely align the surface T.to. linoleum has the ability to remember the surface. But if you have wooden floors, you will have to cover their fiberboard, otherwise each bulge will be noticeable and the desired result will not be the desired.

Carpet is one of the most cozy home coatings. It has excellent sound insulation, but requires careful care, which takes a lot of time. It’s even easier to lay carpet than linoleum t.to. Its surface practically does not notice various bulges or dents. Otherwise everything is absolutely the same as with linoleum.

You can also cover the floor with ceramic tiles or tiles. Many people think this is the most noble coating. For a long time, it was believed that the tile in the kitchen and in the bathrooms is a sign of prosperity in the family. This is one of the most expensive coatings, on this coating you do not go barefoot.to. It is very cold and in the winter and summer, the last minus is that it is very difficult and stipulated for a long time. For laying, most likely, a specialist will be required.