Preparation of walls for repair

The main task in preparing walls for repair is to remove the previous coating that is pretty old and prepare the basis for a new coating. So on the wall used to be glued wallpaper. For convenient tearing, we need a spatula with wet rags and warm water.

Slows rags with warm water and moisten the wallpaper with a wet rag, then you should wait a few minutes and start from the corners gradually get off the wallpaper. So the process of cleaning the wall from unnecessary wallpaper will go much faster. It is very important to completely clean the walls of the wallpaper so that the new layer is fully fixed on the wall.

Further, if the wall of the plastering is worthwhile to carefully examine everything and identify cracks. If they are, it is better to redo everything again cracks are a place of accumulation of dust, sand, etc.D. Due to such errors, plaster can ultimately fall off.

Further, it is advisable to primed the walls to increase the coupling. Before starting in the primer, it is worth adding a ring so that the primer on the wall is better visible. It is advisable to apply a primer with a brush or roller in 2-3 layers. It is worth letting the primer to dry for about 3-5 hours. The primer should not buy too expensive. The usual cheap primer will cope very well with its task. Small advice, before painting it is worth treating the wall with a special mixture of mold for better adhesion. Such a mixture can be taken in a regular construction store.

Things are more complicated if you need to update the wall on which there used to be paint or any other varnish-powered material.

The first option is. You can process the wall with a special soil that appeared on sale no more than 2 years ago, so there is no great trust in it. Moreover, the quality of quality itself will still be an order of magnitude lower. The essence of such a mixture is approximately the same as the concrete.

And the second method is long, heavy but high -quality. Here you need to remove every centimeter of paint for complete grip of soil with the surface. Practice shows that you should not remove the paint with all kinds of new -fangled solvents, etc.D. All this is complete nonsense. After removing the unnecessary, many advise strengthening the reinforcing wall on the wall that will increase the chances of high -quality work to 100%. Next, primed this grid to wait for drying and you can start decorating the room.