Pros and cons of drywall

Pros and cons of drywall

One of the most common building materials today is drywall. It is used for decoration of premises and for any design solutions.Gypsum cardboard is a panel consisting of a layer of gypsum between two layers of cardboard. Gypsum ratio: cardboard: other materials are 93: 6: 1. Other materials mean reinforcing substances and fiberglass, which are added for strength to gypsum. As well as a special glue that is used for a more durable adjustment of cardboard to a gypsum layer.

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Cardboard, which is used for the manufacture of drywall, should have certain properties:

Freely pass the air;

Absorb the liquid at high humidity and secrete the liquid with low air humidity to maintain optimal conditions in the room;

Be durable, but flexible;

The surface should be smooth for the opportunity to perform finishing work immediately after installation.

Drywall has both its pros and cons of.

Pros of drywall:

The scope of use is quite extensive;

Any finishing work is allowed (from painting and wallpaper stickers to laying tiles and mosaics);

The material is light and flexible;

ecologicaly clean;

non -toxic;

able to maintain optimal conditions in the room (absorb the liquid at high humidity and secrete the liquid with reduced humidity);

provides good sound insulation;

Processed by specialized compounds gains additional properties (refractory, moisture resistance, strength);

democratic value;

simplicity of installation;

There is an opportunity to embed lamps inside the drywall structure.

Cons of drywall:

The strength is good, but less than some materials;

With air humidity 75% or more, additional processing is needed to protect against swelling;

To mount hinged elements, you need to use special devices (dowels);

To mount large elements, you need to additionally enhance the design made of drywall;

When using glue during installation, it is necessary to fix the drywall sheet until the gluing material is completely solidified.

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