Pumping the ceiling with polystyrene tiles

Before starting repairs and starting the ceiling in the room, it is necessary to decide which type of finish we will use. The ceiling is at the same time the most humid and warmest part in the entire room. In an unheated room, the repair of the ceiling often causes certain difficulties. And if the room is high, then the finish is needed for the decoration, which is characterized by high moisture resistance.

Currently, for decoration of the ceiling, many use the designs of hinged ceilings, or drywall. Foam tiles for many began to lose its relevance, but among other things, with a certain approach, the ceiling trimmed with foam tiles can surpass all your expectations. Especially — finishing the ceiling with foam tiles does not represent any particular difficulties and everyone can cope with this. To do this, you do not even have to remove the furniture, since this type of work differs in its purity and there will be no garbage during installation.

Now let’s move on to the choice of foam tiles. It is stamped, with laminated coating, and tiles made of extrusion foam. Stamped tiles are more suitable for those who want to give the room an exquisite look, since such a tile contains a voluminous pattern and here everything is limited only by your fiction.

Now we move directly to gluing tiles. It is best to start gluing diagonally — so you do not have to cut the tiles, and in this case it will look much more beautiful and more original and in addition will make your room visually wider. In this case, the first thing we need to do is to first measure the ceiling and find its middle, from where to start glue foam tiles. Before gluing, the tiles are placed on the floor on the floor and applied glue. Then it is necessary to leave it for several minutes so that during this time the glue manages to soak slightly into the tile. Then glue it to the surface of the ceiling. Focusing on the first tiles, we continue to glue the rest.

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