Purchase of real estate: main points

When buying real estate, there is no place for the traditional Russian “maybe” — the price of the issue is too high. If we consider residential real estate as an object of investment, it is worthwhile to take care of the choice of the region where the house or apartment is located, look at the project (repair, communications, infrastructure) and choose the right realtor. We will not consider independent transactions, since working with agencies for the sale (rent) of real estate is simpler and safer, and almost always more profitable. Consider everything by points.

one. According to statistics, this year, at the peak of popularity, such directions as the countries of the Baltic states, Montenegro, Crimea, Moscow and the Moscow Region, as well as France. The Baltic states are interesting due to fairly affordable real estate prices, an interesting story, a friendly attitude towards the citizens of our country, the relative simplicity of the design of transactions and, of course, a beautiful nature. It is more difficult with Montenegrin and France — taxes are quite high in Montenegro, and in France housing is very expensive. Real estate prices in Moscow are constantly rising — buying an apartment in the residential complex Spring on Baltic, on Sokol and in other «favorable» areas — means to provide yourself not only to expensive and good housing, but also by a constant source of earnings. Moscow Region also does not give up positions. Here is clean, quiet, beautiful and comfortable. The nearest suburb will allow you to get to work and home at any time. The price range of residential buildings and cottages is the widest.

2. Of course, it is much more profitable and convenient to purchase new housing or real estate, completely ready for operation. In the first case, you purchase a “clean” sheet — an area in which you can make the repair that corresponds to the taste addictions and the budget. In the second-you enter an apartment or house with copyright or inexpensive repairs, working (usually new) communications and all conditions for life-this is how the need to remake something disappears. And renting a house in Yakovlevo or in some other village with a good repair is more expensive.

3. It is more profitable to draw up a deal (because he pays a stingy twice) through a professional realtor agency like Klainvesto. So you get rid of unnecessary troubles associated with the legal side of the issue, the problem of choosing housing and determining its value, with real estate insurance. All that is required is a minimum of time and a small reward for an intermediary.


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