PVC tile during the repair of the ceiling and its installation

Work in rooms in which air is characterized by high humidity should be carried out using materials that have greater resistance to it. As a good example, PVC tiles can be called here.

Moisture is so terrible for her as others. But only with proper styling can it be guaranteed a good quality of the result.

To lay PVC tiles on the ceiling, first you should align its surface. You can do this with a putty, which is then covered with a moisture -resistant primer. It is also previously recommended to apply an antiseptic solution on the base of the ceiling.

The second level of alignment is the fastening of drywall or moisture -resistant plywood, the thickness of the sheets of which should be at least 15 mm. Before laying PVC tiles, the surface of these materials also needs to be tapacked and primed.

Further on the surface of the prepared ceiling, you need to find the center. For this, diagonal intersecting lines are drawn from its corners. It is at the intersection that the desired point is located. From it you can begin to draw the surface with pencils with lines that are located parallel to one of the walls. The distance between them should be made approximately equal to the width of PVC tiles.

The first four elements must be laid around the center so that they will converge at this point with their corners. Here it will be subsequently possible to fix the chandelier.

Further, PVC tiles are glued over the entire area. To fasten it, you can use PVA glue with moisture -resistant characteristics. When cutting the elements, a clerical knife is used, since they are very good to process.

As a result, you get a very aesthetic surface, well protected from moisture exposure. She will serve for a very long time and will not change its properties for 10-15 years.

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