Rent of an apartment in Moscow: reliably and calm!

Moscow is the center of cultural and business life of the country. Thousands of people come here daily. To study, work or for relaxation. During your visit to the capital, you need to live somewhere. You can rent a hotel room. But why? For the same money, you can rent an apartment in Moscow for a day or more, depending on the length of stay in the city. Removing apartments is in great demand, but cases of fraud are not rare.

How to rent suitable housing and at the same time do not get to the bait for fraudsters?

Firstly, the apartment must be sought in advance. A common mistake of visitors is to leave the station or the airport and turn to the «gray» macles, who immediately offer to rent housing at moderate prices. In no case do not agree, 90 % out of 100 that you will be circled around the finger, taking the money and giving the keys to the apartment. Only now, having arrived at the address, your keys will not work.

By the way, a note: some, especially unprincipled frauds, put in the role of «calling» grandmothers. They intuitively evoke trust and the visiting is bought to deceive, not expecting an old woman, a good dandelion can lie. Of course, not all grannies deceive. There are really pensioners who rent a room or apartment. In any case, in order to avoid deception, demand that the landlord travel to the apartment with you. And no prepayment!

But this does not guarantee that you will not be deceived. Schemes through which the posters are «thrown», many. So, as mentioned above, it is better not to rent an apartment at the station/by the airport at all.

The most reliable rental of apartments in Moscow — via the Internet.

Even if you rent housing through the agency, you still find out about the company as much as possible through the network. Just drive the name of the agency in the search and study the reviews. That is why it is worth looking for an apartment in advance, and not upon arrival. So that time to get acquainted with the reputation of a particular company.

For example, you liked the rental offer on the Arenda-Kvartir website.NDV. Before making a deal, read the comments of their customers to make sure that this company is really fulfilling the promised.

In addition, always conclude a lease agreement. Do not be greedy because you have to pay tax. It is better to pay 13% of the lease than lose all the money when you are thrown out of a rented apartment in a day and you will not have any confirming papers that you are renting this apartment.

Be careful, do not trust the «gray» macleram and look for an apartment in advance and study the reputation of the real estate agency.