Several non -standard repair tips

There are situations when the standard method of repair is very difficult, for example, because you do not know how to drive a nail into any inaccessible place or you need both hands, and you cannot free your hand that you hold the lantern because you carry out the work where- in a dark and cramped place.

Consider several difficult situations and ways to solve them.

one. Suppose you need to wrap a huge number of screws using an electric drill. To do this, you can insert a screwdriver instead of a drill into it. However, a large number of revolutions of the drill greatly complicates the work. To make it possible to adjust the speed, the drill must be connected via a motor transformer.

2. If there is no way to include the horns of the chandelier separately (for example, this is not designed to wiring in the room), then the simplest way out of the situation will be a decision to mount the switches in the chandelier itself.

3. When washing high windows, walls or ceiling, dirty water often flows down the arm, which incredibly irritates.Paper wipes wrapped around the wrists and fixed with ordinary elastic bands can prevent this.

four. During the repair for mirrors or glass, paint hit. Painlessly and quickly remove it using a metal ruler.

5. Lime solution during whitewashing lies unevenly on the ceiling and walls. You can get out of this case by putting 2-3 layers of the most ordinary nylon stockings on the brush.

6. If you need to score a nail into a narrow gap or somewhere else, where there is no way to hold it with your hands, then take a narrow strip of paper. Fold in two and pass the nail through one end of the strip. At the other end you can hold.

7. Plastic dowel stuck in the wall. To pull it out, it is quite possible to use a corkscrew.

These everyday councils can help a newcomer in the repair business.

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