Several nuances when choosing artificial decorative stone.

Decorative artificial stone is widely used in finishing work.

There are several nuances that should pay attention to a person who decided to use this finishing material:

one. Design of artificial stone.

Everyone knows that in nature there are no absolutely identical stones. But the decoration with a decorative artificial stone should create an imitation of natural natural stone. It is for this reason, buying a decorative artificial stone, it is worth choosing tiles of two to three different sizes that will have one color scheme.

2. The outer and inner side of decorative artificial stone.

On the front side of the decorative stone should not have a spot of sharp contrasts, implausible ledges that speak of poor -quality manufacture, as well as holes, the circle of which is more than three millimeters.

On the inside of the tiles of decorative stone, reliefs must be present, which gives tiles it is better to grasp with special glue. However, it is worth considering that the relief must be made in the manufacture of tiles. If the relief is expressed in uneven curvature, the adventing traces of the filler, or the traces of bloating — it means that in front of a person is a decorative stone of low quality, in the manufacture of which all the necessary production technologies were not observed.

3. Filler in decorative stone.

Before buying tiles, you should look at their cut. The size of the fillers included in the stone should not be more than five millimeters in diameter. Otherwise, the tile will have low strength indicators.

four. Processing of decorative stone.

Before acquiring this finishing material, you should ask if the stone was subjected to processing with special compounds to protect against moisture. If the tiles were not processed in the manufacture, a person will have to handle all the tiles with his own hand if the material is used to finish the outer surfaces.