The device of flooring. Tips

In order to replace or lay a new coating in your apartment or in the office, special skills are not required. The presence of a minimum set of a construction tool — a hacksaw, a drill, scissors or a stationery knife, will allow you to cope with the task without involving hired workers.

Dismate the old coating, clean the floor surface from glue or bitumen. Next, wipe the fossa and cracks with a weak cement-sand mortar. If you plan to lay a laminate, it will be better to use a self -leveling mixture, since this type of coating requires more thorough preparation of the floor surface. How to warm the surface of the floor, if there is flooding. Or the room is subject to high humidity, treat the floors with a special antifungal primer.

When the surface is finally prepared, decide on the direction of the drawing of the linoleum or carpet you have chosen, cut the canvas with scissors, leaving five millimeters at the edges. There is no need to apply glue to the floor surface, the flooring will be fixed using skirting boards.

If you decide to spread linoleum, let the new coating lay down for a day, then proceed to the installation of the skirting board. Carpet is quite soft material, it will not «disperse». It is better to choose a skirting board with a rubberized basis, this will provide a dense fit to linoleum, or with a special secret box — then you can quietly decompose a television or electric cable along the walls, in addition, the use of this type of skirting board will aesthetically hide dowels into the box, which is closed with a strip — a strip — a strip.

When installing the laminate, it is necessary to spread a special substrate on the floor — an isolation material that does not allow direct contact of the material with the floor. Laminate boards are laid according to the selected drawing one after another in special grooves — locks. The fact that the state of the floor should be maximally leveled, we will not remind.

The installation of a skirting board is better to start with the corners of the room. Cut and spread the baseboard around the perimeter of the room, distribute the connective accessories, external and internal corners, and begin to fix the baseboard on the dowels using a drill at a distance of 20-30 cm. Fasten the skirting board and accessories — as you can see — nothing complicated!

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