The interior of a small hallway

The hallway is considered the most visited place in the apartment. As a rule, all doors in the apartment go into the hallway. That is why the design of this territory should be treated as seriously as possible.

Initially, it is worth choosing the right materials for the interior. For a small territory, stones and drywall structures are not suitable. So, for finishing, paint is perfect, but it should be selected with particular caution. Wallpaper are considered the ideal material for the interior of the corridor walls.

Moreover, it is desirable that they are textured, plain or with small drawings. It is worth considering that two -color wallpaper with clear lines will visually make the area even less. But white glossy paint or glossy stretch ceilings will help to visually increase the ceiling.

A crucial step when designing the interior design of a small hallway will be the choice of coverage for the floor. So, a suitable material in this case is a laminate. The laminated floor with proper care will perfectly last at least a decade. But not the best choice will be a parquet or wooden coating. So — a suitable floor covering for the hallway is a stone or ceramic tile. In addition, the carpet will be a completely acceptable choice. Moreover, a carpet with a short pile of dark color is considered an ideal option.

In terms of furniture, the most rational solution will be an open hanger and a dull with a mirror. Moreover, you should choose a cabinet that can become a seat so as not to pour the corridor chairs and chairs. And it is advisable to select the mirror to its full height, this will visually increase the area of ​​the hallway. Furniture should be light tones. And the ideal option will be custom -made furniture for your space.

Well, at the end, it is worth noting that an important condition for creating a design of a small hallway is good lighting. Correctly selected light can visually increase the volume of the room. Lighting should be dispersed throughout the area.

The ideal hallway looks something like this: a white glossy ceiling, light furniture, bright walls with wallpaper, good lighting and laminate not very dark tones.