The interior of the bath

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Russian bath — what could be better? But it’s not enough to just build it, it also needs to be finished from the inside.

When decorating the interior of a Russian bath, it is advisable to use boards that are obtained from such varieties of wood that do not contain a large amount of tarry substances and which do not lead subsequently when the moisture is exposed to them. In the middle latitudes, many deciduous breeds are fully met, for example, birch, aspen, linden is often used. Cedar is also used, because it is from the family of pine, and at the end of the appropriate processing, you can take for decoration and pine. In recent years, a tree growing in hot Africa, called Abashi, has gained special fame (by the way, you can often find other writing, like Abachi or Abishi).

In the process of internal sheathing the room of the bath, the boards are usually located vertically, while they are very tightly driven to each other. Note that the walls are never painted from the inside to exclude the secretion of hazardous substances and do not violate the natural vapor permeability of wood. Although it also happens that the walls of the steam rooms up to 1 meter are covered with glazed tiles so that it is convenient to wash the most strongly and quickly polluting part of the walls.

The ceiling, as well as the floor of all the bathrooms around the perimeter, is simply offended by the baseboard, despite the fact that the floor of the floor is usually made waterproof, at least 10 cm high.

It is placed so that the lowest row of the entire inner sheathing of the bath walls is like you slightly superimposed on it, and then the water flowing from the walls will not fall beyond the baseboard.

The floor in the baths is also made of wood. As a rule, it is insulated with additionally. After all, moisture always falls on it and, having no way to go into the ground, it causes the process of decay of wood.

Note that the temperature regime in the bath is quite “cruel”, because all the elements of the interior decoration should be not only beautiful, but also reliable.