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The interior of your kitchen

Even the simplest products will help to refresh the interior of your kitchen by choosing a new color for walls, furniture, wall panels, and accessories. Nevertheless, if you want to completely change the design of the kitchen, contact professionals, interior designers and start starting to embody your ideas into reality with the design of stylistically the only design development. This will help you avoid mistakes and ill -conceived solutions, ultimately save time, money and get an excellent result!Modern cuisine has a character in our time. Cylindrical furniture, which looks like something extraordinary reduces the risk of injury, is ergonomic and attractive. But functionalism and even forms in the architecture of the kitchen are a new «kitchen culture», where the main emphasis is on horizontals. Nowadays it is fashionable to install kitchen cabinets without upper suspension shelves or with small boxes.

The opening of the facades occurs by pressing the button, and automatically closed, instead of a regular handle, they can have a gap. As a rule, a combination of contrasting surfaces, lightness and strength is fashionable. Lower kitchen cabinets should have constructive lightness, and installed on high legs. Fix large blocks to the wall.

The living room and kitchen are currently united, even in classic interiors. This connection is often justified, but if a lot is prepared in the kitchen, it is better to fence it off, because the ventilation system does not always protect from smell and noise. When separating the kitchen from the living room, partitions made of glass, plastic or wood will help. You can install sliding doors in the opening of the partitions. In the world of the classical style of the kitchen, the aesthetics of country prevail, with the quiet comfort of the suburbs. Classic kitchens will be able to emphasize stained -glass windows, soft fabric pockets, covers.

Kitchens in small apartments and offices are mainly associated using various methods of transforming elements for using space in the optimal version. Folding countertop, expanding the window for the desktop, the device of the shelf through the window opening, the storage of a particular equipment under the ceiling or above the dining table can allow the kitchen to use functionality even in a small space.