The sky over Xingtai was shrouded in yellow smoke due to a leak in a toy factory warehouse

Xingtai, a city of 7 million people in northern China’s Hebei province, has been shrouded in yellow smoke from a leak of acidic materials at a warehouse at a toy factory for Mailang Kids Toys. This was reported by the local authorities.

As specified in a widespread statement by the emergency management of Pingxiang County, where the incident occurred, thanks to the prompt measures of the competent departments, the source of smoke was quickly eliminated. No harm done. The damage from the accident amounted to 15,000 yuan (about $2,000 at the current exchange rate).

Local environmental authorities are constantly monitoring air quality in areas that are adjacent to the place where the smoke occurred. As stated, no problems associated with the deterioration of the quality of the atmosphere were recorded. An investigation is underway.

Xingtai City is located about 300 kilometers southwest of Beijing.