The specifics of the use of fiberglass wallpaper

On the domestic market, fiberglass wallpaper appeared not so long ago. But then many owners have already managed to evaluate their most diverse practical qualities. It is worthwhile to figure out what opportunities are characteristic of this finishing material.

The qualities of fiberglass wallpaper are due to the features of their manufacture. When creating such a material, the basis is used as a special glass, which is stretched with a significant heating. From the resulting glass threads, weaves are weed, which as a result becomes the fiberglass wallpaper itself. The drawing on such a canvas can be the most original and interesting.

Due to the features of manufacture, fiberglass wallpaper are of excellent qualities. Since only the most environmentally friendly materials are used in the manufacturing process, fiberglass wallpapers are not able to cause allergies. Their constituent elements do not distinguish any harmful substances, so such material is completely safe.

The huge advantage of fiberglass wallpaper is that they are able to resist the large number of external influences. In particular, the fiberglass wallpaper is not terrible moisture, fire and even contact with chemical acids. They serve for a long time regardless of the room in which. Even in the bathroom, such material can be used.

You can stick fiberglass wallpaper with great success on almost any surface. Including, glass wallpaper is well applied without preparation on walls of wood, brick, chipboard and other materials.

To some extent, fiberglass wallpaper can correct the shortcomings that are on the surface. In particular, they hide irregularities, cracks, cracks. To give them a suitable appearance, fiberglass wallpaper can be painted.

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