The tools necessary for the construction of the bathhouse

Most often, in order to build a good bathhouse on a suburban type area, the same construction tool is used for laying bricks and walls, which is in the arsenal of any mason. It should be noted that the mason’s set is such building tools as Kelma and Kirochka, a hammer hammer, a plumb line and rule.In the work, they initially use such construction tools as a special furnace hammer, because without it it is impossible to carry out a brick breakdown, you can not level the wire, you can’t make out the old old bake, and you cannot score a single nail.

Further, we will definitely need a kirochka used to perform a very deep push.

In construction, the brush is always used from the very beginning, because by itself, you need to remove the clay solution of the excess to level the seams and the entire surface of the future bath, while providing everyone with the most even view. In order to check all the sizes of your masonry thoroughly, the rule is used, because it most accurately replaces the meter. It is necessary to use the level in order to perform horizontal checks and surface vertical. If we talk about waterpas, then it is used as a pointer for a plumb line.

The square uses the check of the rectangular rows of the completed brick masonry, and in order to carry out the stove break on the foundation. To 100% sift small building materials to sift cement, you need a sieve. At the final stage of your entire construction, you need to have a grave, strong and most durable to can withstand all the weight of the worker.

For masonry, brick tools are the same, but at the same time some additional tools are added, in particular such as embroidery, solid shovel, wooden order, because the entire process of building brick masonry is most responsible, and a thorough check must be checked.

The use of all the construction tools that are slightly above, when building a bathhouse and for its decoration, will provide you with the most high -quality construction for many years.