The variety of modern doors is surprising. You can choose models for a cottage or for a private house, for an apartment. The Framir factory of interior doors began to be interested in many users, which produces good configurations.

Interior doors from the leading manufacturer

Framir is a factory that has been located near St. Petersburg and its activities have started since 2005. In such a short time, the doors manufacturer was able to gain trust not only among partners, but also among demanding consumers who know that high -quality products are stored under the seal of the company.

Choose the doors «Framir» for many reasons:

Excellent quality, as the door foundations use veneered and laminated materials that undergo special processing, so the door structures are resistant to mechanical and aggressive influences, to sunlight, high humidity, and so on;

a wide range of models, from restrained classicism to a non -standard style;

extraordinary design that allows you to choose the doors to the existing interior.

The “Framir” doors are not only of good quality, but also extremely beautiful, therefore they are able to decorate the interior, even if there are no decorative details in it. Furniture accessories «Framir» are able to compete with foreign brands in terms of technical specifications. So, why then overpay money for the loud name of the imported brand?

The doors «Framir» are equipped with both double -glazed windows and without them. During the technological process, the veneer is glued to the door leaf according to special rules, so it allows you to exclude the presence of voids and unnecessary bubbles. During the installation process, the interior door is good to sit on the hinges and has completely insignificant errors.

When the repair in the apartment is started and everything approaches the final step, you can think about buying interior doors. In this case, Framir is a domestic manufacturer who wins with others democratic cost and availability. Door boxes have good strength characteristics, so they are able to withstand a large number of daily loads. Interior doors «Framir» from different wood of wood are manufactured, on the prestige of which the price and quality to some extent depends.