The world of modern doors is surprising. They are divided into interior, input, armored and others to satisfy each buyer. A great option for the home are cheap veneered doors that resemble externally door structures from an array, but with less demanding characteristics.


Когда перед вами стоит вопрос выбора дверей, то в их разнообразии можно потеряться, но делать этого не стоит. Initially, decide from what material, would you like to purchase them, and then decide on the amount. An excellent choice among natural products are veneered doors that should not be confused with the basics of chipboard and the like. Such doors are based on a veneer representing a thin cut of wood from wood.

On the surface of the door leaf, the veneer is glued in two ways — using cold or hot pressing. Get an veneer, as a rule, from deciduous or coniferous wood. Owl technology has been known for many thousands of years, therefore, it is still so successfully used. The process of manufacturing veneered doors is practically brought to perfection and allows you to eliminate all the vices of natural material (fermentation, spotting, prophecy), maintaining at the right level of dignity.

For some, the veneered doors are even better than from an array, since in a number of characteristics they surpass the whole -line door leaflets. They do not require careful care, because they are enough to grate them with a special tool and they will again shine like newly updated. In addition, the veneered doors surprise with their assortment and can be equipped with different additions, have a variety of accessories, differ in a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes.

Simple veneer processing makes it possible to embody fashion trends to the right extent using the color of the Milan nut or crook, angri. Brand manufacturers even offer special collections of veneered doors that do not leave indifferent customers. These door leafs will decorate the room inside and out. They combine not only quality and elegance, but also inexpensive value. Doors models can be both classic and modern with discordant options for glazing and artistic painting on a veneer or on glass.