Tile for kitchen how to choose?

Correctly selected furniture and, of course, the finish can make the kitchen the most cozy corner in the house. And not the last place in the interior of this room is tiles. This design element can even become a certain highlight contrasting with the color of furniture or walls. Of course, only if it is selected correctly.

What are the characteristics of the tile?

A very good solution for such a room would be the choice of tiles for a third -class kitchen. Such a decoration is sufficiently strength and wear resistance. You should also pay attention to such an indicator as moisture resistance. For rooms with slightly high humidity, you need to use material with a percentage of water absorption of about 5%. As for resistance to chemicals, since it is quite often necessary to wash walls and floors in the kitchen, you should choose the option marked with the letter «A». But the best solution will be more expensive, but completely not susceptible to such substances of the “AA” tiles. An excellent option is also a porous material covered with a thick layer of glaze. This option is distinguished by refractory. In any case, just such a tile should be used to finish the working area next to the stove.

How to choose a design?

If we talk about the flooring, then it is best to choose a matte and slightly rough material. For the walls of this room, a glossy version is usually used. However, the condition is, of course, not mandatory. In some cases, matte finish looks very good. Also, the resolution is also a traditional solution of 15 x 15 square elements. But modern designs fully allow the use of rectangular material. If you arrange such a tile vertically, this will help to visually raise the ceilings of the room. With horizontal placement, a wider wall will seem to be a wider.

It is very important not to make a mistake with color. The entire tile in the room should be harmoniously combined primarily with the coloring of the countertop. It is not necessary to select the same shade. Very often for design, a method of contrasts is used, as well as beautiful combinations of drawings.

By correctly selecting tiles for the kitchen, you can greatly facilitate your life in terms of cleaning, while making the room aesthetic and cozy. Select the material carefully and slowly. After all, it is unlikely that it will be possible to replace the design when using the tile.

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