Turnkey balcony

Today, a service such as turnkey balcony is very popular among residents of urban high -rise buildings. It includes many operations that make up a whole range of works related to the external and internal improvement of the room of the loggia, an increase in the useful area of ​​the home, obtaining a beautiful and neat appearance of this design. Having ordered turnkey balconies here from professionals, the client will be able to remove all the worries associated with the fulfillment of this difficult task for a simple person. Qualified specialists will perform everything necessary, including dismantling and installation work, the choice and delivery of the most optimal materials in the shortest possible time, and all this will be characterized by the highest quality of execution and the level of service. The customer only needs to decide in advance what exactly he wants to get for his money, and then the final result will certainly delight him.

It must be understood that, depending on the wishes of the customer, the turnkey balcony service may include a completely different list of work, but in any case, they will be brought to the end in a short time and at an affordable price. This list may include a variety of operations, for example, the removal of the balcony with the strengthening of its design, which allows you to increase its width by thirty or more centimeters. Or it can be the installation of a capital waterproof roof if we are talking about an apartment located on the top floor of the building. Upon receipt of the appropriate permission, it is possible to combine the loggia with the adjacent room. Finishing the outer part of the balcony can be carried out using moisture -resistant and heat -resistant materials, such as siding or plastic lining.

In most cases, turnkey balconies finish include cold or warm insulation, as well as the flooring of the floor by linoleum, laminate, tiles, sexual board and other materials characterized by high resistance to wear. Often, lighting is installed here, in conjunction with high -quality insulation allowing to create a full study from this room. It is necessary to order such responsible works exclusively with professionals, for example, here this can be done at a rather favorable price. The interior wall decoration is carried out using a wooden or plastic lining, or a special moisture -resistant drywall. After the finish is completed, you can proceed to the furniture of the room using comfortable shelves, miniature cabinets and roomy cabinets.