Use of patchwork and patchwork furniture in the interior.

The use of patchwork in the interior has long been a new business, although this lesson has been revived relatively recently. I can’t imagine anyone before that the patchwork can be used as an addition to the interior, but only made ornaments and paintings from different pieces of fabric. Now from the small chopped pieces of fabric, people can recreate almost any thing, for example, a tablecloth or curtains, but this is already as many professional designs just consider it too much, and a patchwork was invented not for such things. It is best to use it for other purposes, which also relate to addition in the interior. Patchwork furniture, that’s exactly what can be done with a patchwork in order to supplement and often finish designer thought in the room. No, of course, no one says that it needs to be sewn from unnecessary clothes, entire chairs. Furniture can be bought ordinary in the market, but you should not be very worried about its style, and it is best to worry about functionality and quality. Why? Yes, because patchwork furniture, it is more of its upholstery or covered for furniture. In some cases, skillful masters can even make large, voluminous covers for a chair or sofa from fabric particles. You can also make ottives with your own hands, and not buy them in the market. To do this, you just need to make a large ball, attach not a large snake on one side, through which with the help of a filler, it will be possible to create a real ottoman that will become for a long time a decoration in an apartment or house. This is not the only furniture that can be done with your own hands. It is difficult to say expositions from fabric to the wall to furniture or not, but this can become a solution to the problem with an empty wall, for example, in the children’s room. With the help of fabric, it will be possible to create a picture of characters from cartoons or choose another topic.

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