Using foam concrete in construction

Foam concrete is a variety of cellular concrete. In its structure, it greatly resembles porous chocolate. The air gap in foam concrete gives the material a fairly high level of thermal quality of resistance resistance. As a result, the buildings erected with the help of foam concrete are able to accumulate heat perfectly, and this, of course, significantly reduces the cost of heating the premises.

The scope of foam concrete

The scope of use of foam concrete is quite large. For example, as panels and partitions in buildings, it is also used in prefabricated blocks, to warm pipes, with soundproofing the floor or roof, with thermal insulation. Foam concrete with increased density is used for the manufacture of the foundation or for floors between floors in multi -storey buildings.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the material

Foam concrete has a slight density, which is why it is quite easy. This quality allows you to produce large blocks. As a result, this contributes to the speedy construction of the building or structure. For example, the construction built of foam concrete is built several times faster than a brick building of the same size.

Material that has a low density is much easier to process, therefore, you can create a variety of architectural forms, with quite non -standard protrusions, zigzag -shaped openings, various arches and other unique design solutions.

Foam concrete is not produced as a result of a variety of chemical reactions, but with mixing concrete mixtures and foam, which is previously made and mixed only by mechanically. Foam concrete is completely not toxic, as a result of which it is environmentally friendly.

Naturally, this material could be called perfect, however, it has its shortcomings. After some time, foam concrete is subjected to wet shrinkage, and this reduces the life of the structure built from this material. Also, when compared with conventional materials used in construction, foam concrete strength, both mechanical and physical, is slightly lower. Foam concrete practically does not withstand bends and sprains. This material is quite fragile and not crack -resistant. Therefore, it is recommended to start wall decoration only a year after building the building.