Using small architectural forms in landscape design

Surely almost everyone who has their own countryhop, had a desire to put in the yard a gazebo for relaxation, a bench or a fountain. Such elements of improvement wear from a legal point of view the definition of the MAF (small architectural forms). The placement of some of them is clearly regulated by applicable law. Lawyers on land issues will be able to clarify the issue of placing such MAFs.

Small architectural forms in landscape architecture

Small architectural forms also include various pavilions, barbecue, playgrounds, various fences, bridges, stairs, etc. D. Some of these MAFs are intended only for decorating the territory and do not carry any utilitarian functions, but they all play an important role in the formation of a common architectural composition.

Paradoxically, even one of the above elements of the improvement can not only decorate the site and make the expected note of comfort, but also in the case of unsuccessful (illiterate, unprofessional) placement, shape, color or scale significantly spoil the overall picture of the courtyard.

And in order to achieve the desired result, combining the existing development, landscaping and small architectural forms in a single ensemble, a competent project is necessary.

It is the task of landscape design that is the creation of a single stylistic functional and compositional space, taking into account the environment. Each element of the improvement is obliged to decorate the land, attracting attention to one degree or another, depending on the general concept, and at the same time not to bring disruption into the integrity of the architectural environment.

Before the implementation of their idea, taking into account that the placement of small architectural forms, their architectural and constructive solutions can be regulated by law, it is necessary to consult a lawyer for land disputes. This will help to avoid the occurrence of unpleasant conflict situations during and after performing work on the improvement of the land.